Learn How to Stand Out & Shine with Jobseeker Tips from Matt Yasecko, COO/Partner at Arrival Artists

Explore exclusive tips from Matt Yasecko, COO/Partner at Arrival Artists, designed to empower job seekers in the dynamic world of music. Gain valuable strategies to stand out and thrive in your career journey. 

Tips for Music Industry Jobseekers

Matt Yasecko - COO/Partner, Arrival Artists

1. "If it’s a job you’re excited about, put some effort into personalizing your cover letter - not only to express that excitement, but preemptively answering any questions your resume may raise."

2. "Is the position in a different city/state than you live? Explain if you’re willing and when you might be able to move. Have too much experience? Show why that shouldn’t be a concern, and how this role fits with your broader career goals."

3. "You don’t have direct experience or are coming from a totally different industry? Summarize how some of the skills from your current and past roles are applicable."

4. "Not everyone can have prior experience at an agency or even in the music industry but if there’s some thought put in the cover letter, drawing a clear line between the job requirements and how you see yourself succeeding in that role, you’ll stand out."