Marketing Manager

Space Camp Management

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Full time

US$70-90k (monthly)

Artist Management / Marketing/PR Roles

Artist Facing Genre Focus: Dance/EDM


Nov 6

We are seeking a skilled and creative Marketing and Social Media Manager to join our team in the music industry. You will be responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies focusing on music promotion, tour promotion and data collection. You will oversee the online presence for all artists on the roster. This role requires a deep understanding of digital marketing, social media platforms, and a passion for the music industry. You will play a key role in promoting our artists, engaging with fans, and driving overall brand awareness and success.


1. Previous Experience: Must have a at least 3 years of professional experience in digital marketing, social media management, or a related role within the music industry. Experience in music promotion and touring is preferred.

2. Digital Marketing Expertise: In-depth knowledge of digital marketing strategies, techniques, and platforms, including social media, content marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing. Familiarity with data analytics and performance tracking tools is essential.

3. Social Media Savvy: Strong understanding of social media platforms, trends, and best practices. Experience in managing social media accounts, creating engaging content, and driving audience growth and engagement.

4. Creativity: Exceptional creative thinking and content creation skills, with the ability to generate captivating visual and written content for diverse audiences.

5. Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability to convey brand messaging effectively and engage with fans and industry professionals in a professional manner.


1. Digital Marketing Strategy: Develop and execute innovative and effective digital marketing strategies to promote artists and everything they do with a heavy focus on fan engagement and data collection. Identify target audiences, craft compelling messaging, and utilize various marketing channels to maximize reach and engagement.

2. Social Media Management: Manage and maintain artists' social media accounts (e.g., IG, Tik Tok, X, YouTube, FB), including content creation, scheduling, community engagement, and performance tracking. Develop creative and engaging content, such as videos, graphics, and captions, to captivate fans and grow online following.

3. Content Creation: Collaborate with artists, photographers, videographers, and designers to create visual content for marketing campaigns, social media posts and other promotional materials.

4. Influencer and Partnership Management: Identify and collaborate with influencers, bloggers, online communities, and relevant partners to expand artists' reach and drive engagement. Negotiate partnerships and manage campaigns with influencers to amplify artists' presence and brand.

5. Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including labels, agents, PR, and creative teams, to align marketing strategies and initiatives. Collaborate with these teams to ensure cohesive messaging and a unified brand presence.

6. Analytics and Reporting: Monitor and analyze social media and marketing campaign performance using relevant tools (e.g., Google Analytics, social media analytics). Provide regular reports on key metrics, trends, and insights to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and optimize future efforts.

7. Brand Development: Assist in shaping and maintaining artists' brand identities, ensuring consistency across all marketing channels and platforms. Collaborate with artists and creative teams to develop visually appealing and compelling branding elements.

8. Industry Trends: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in digital marketing, social media, and the music industry. Identify opportunities to leverage emerging platforms, technologies, and marketing techniques to enhance artists' visibility and engagement.

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