Day to Day Artist Manager

Space Camp Management

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Full time

Artist Management / Artist Management Roles

Artist Facing Genre Focus: Dance/EDM


Nov 6

Space Camp Management is looking for an experienced day-to-day manager to join the team. As a day-to-day manager, you will play a crucial role in providing daily support and guidance to our roster of artists. You will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and help with career development and strategic decision-making for our artists while working alongside a senior manager. 

Must have experience working with agents, labels, publishers and publicists on campaigns; song rollouts, advancing tours/shows etc.

Looking for an individual who is motivated to push an artist's career forward and can think ahead and be proactive. 

Execution is key, applicants must have the ability to take an idea that is given to them and build a plan and execute it properly from start to finish utilizing a team of people.  

Must be good with people and be able to hold conversations and make calls in a professional calm manner. Relationship-building is critical.

This role requires exceptional attention to detail, excellent organizational and analytical skills as well as the ability to prioritize and multitask in a fast-paced environment.

Understanding of the digital landscape (trends, hashtags, DSP’s, basic functions of important social sites, etc.) and familiarity with social media usage, IG, X, FB, Soundcloud, etc. is required.

Strong proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, and Google docs/spreadsheets.

RESPONSIBILITIES / JOB FUNCTIONS: Day to Day will act as the primary point of contact for assigned artists, acting as a liaison between artists, the senior manager, and multiple parties and teams. 

Overseeing all elements of artist music campaigns, including global release schedules, promo, social media plans, press, marketing and touring.

Develop and execute long-term career strategies and overall artist brand development.

Coordinating travel bookings, arranging visas, accommodation and itineraries, and working with tour managers as applicable.

Schedule calls, meetings, and conference calls between multiple parties in different time zones

Efficient daily communication and information flow with artists ensuring confidentiality and discretion at all times.

Develop and implement marketing and promotional strategies to maximize exposure and fan engagement. Coordinate with publicists, social media managers, and digital marketing teams to ensure cohesive and effective campaigns.

Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with industry professionals, including record labels, publishers, promoters, venues, and media outlets, to create opportunities and support artists’ careers.

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