Music Video Director's Rep


Los Angeles, CA, USA Remote Some in-person requirements in the LA area.

Full time

US$50-80k (annually)

Artist Management / Artist Management Roles


Nov 3


Help develop and implement an individual sales strategy for each director, organically grow the roster, and collaborate creatively on our music video pitches. $50k-$80k/year plus commission, based on experience. Position is full time.

Years of Experience:

2-3 years experience in talent management for the music video market, director representation preferred


Develop and implement an individual sales strategy for each director

We have a growing roster of 40 of the best music video directors in the industry, and each of them requires an individualized sales strategy in order to maximize success. The Rep's primary responsibility is to develop and implement this strategy with each director at the one on one level. Our goal is to do more than just bring in new briefs, a great Rep can help a director manage their overall music video career.

Help organically grow the roster

LAB currently represents both full production companies as well as individual directors, and the goal is to grow both sides of the roster. You'll play a crucial role in expanding our director roster with emerging and established talent. By proactively scouting new directors, fostering relationships within the industry, and promoting our agency's creative ethos, you'll contribute to the organic growth of our roster, ensuring a diverse and innovative group of visionaries.

Manage and expand our client network

Building and maintaining strong client relationships is fundamental to your role. You'll be responsible for nurturing existing connections and forging new ones with managers, record labels, artists, and creative directors. This network expansion will help secure projects, strengthen our agency's reputation, and provide exciting opportunities for our directors.

Collaborate creatively on music video pitches

Creativity is at the core of what we do, and your role extends beyond sales. You'll actively participate in creative collaborations with our directors during the pitch process. This involves brainstorming innovative ideas, contributing to concept development, and enhancing our pitches to captivate clients with cutting-edge visuals and storytelling.

Help develop the LAB brand

You'll be a vital contributor to our agency's branding and visibility. Through your work, you'll assist in shaping and enhancing the reputation and recognition of our agency, 'LAB.' This includes collaborating on marketing initiatives, public relations efforts, and showcasing our commitment to fostering groundbreaking creativity within the music video industry. Your role will help elevate the LAB brand and its prominence in the entertainment landscape.


Strong network within the music video community

Your extensive network within the music video community is a powerful asset. It means you have built strong relationships with key industry players, including record labels, artists, producers, and fellow professionals. This network not only provides access to valuable project opportunities but also facilitates collaborations, partnerships, and industry insights that can be leveraged to benefit our directors and our agency.

Strong understanding of the music video industry and landscape

Your deep understanding of the music video industry is a critical foundation for success in this role. It includes awareness of current trends, emerging technologies, and industry dynamics. It allows you to identify market opportunities and navigate industry challenges effectively. Moreover, your knowledge of the evolving creative and regulatory landscape ensures that you can guide our directors toward producing content that's both artistically relevant and commercially viable.

Strong ability to identify talent and market directors

Your skill in identifying talent and marketing directors is pivotal to our agency's growth and success. It entails not only recognizing promising directors but also promoting their unique artistic voices effectively. Your capacity to match directors with the right clients and projects, communicate their value, and craft compelling pitches is valuable. By harnessing this skill, you facilitate the growth of our directors' careers while simultaneously expanding our agency's presence and influence in the industry.

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